Consultant Urology (Job Code: PHY/URO01)

Department Urology
Qualifications MBBS or MBChB or equivalent qualification from an accredited institution. Completion of specialty qualification as per the Recognized Specialty Certificate. Physicians with an accredited American Board of Medical Specialty (ABMS) Certification, Specialization of the RCPSC, Certification by the College of Family Physicians Canada (CSPC), Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST) or Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) from UK.
Experience 5 to 8 years experience post the PHD qualification
No of Positions 1
Closing Date 31 March 2017

Job Description:


  1. Provides consultations, examinations, treatments including  procedures with full range of agents, methods, and techniques, observing quality and safety standards in the Urology Department.
  2. Provides technical advice and guidance to colleagues and nursing staff as part of orientation or training in new techniques and procedures in the Urology Department.
  3. Conducts rounds to inpatients under care to assess patient’s condition and treatment progress; develop treatment care plans; order treatment regimens; establish rapport with the patient and relatives; and answer patient’s queries.
  4. Sees patients preoperatively to evaluate patient’s condition and suitability prior to any procedures.
  5. Examines the patient post-operatively to assess complications, order further treatment or referral to other specialty as indicated.
  6. Provides technical advice and giuidance to colleague and nursing staff as part of orientation or training in new techniques and procedures in Urology areas.
  7. Participates in the quality programs in collaboration with QPS Department.  Must be active member of hospital-wide committees like Code Blue Committee in a position designated or elected by committee members.
  8. Provides continuing education, training, and demonstration by sharing new procedures and techniques to colleagues, nurses, and technicians assigned within the department in collaboration with Academic Affairs and Research Center.
  9. Attends to work and on-call schedules on time and performs duties completely before ending the shift. Endorses to the next shift any uncompleted task to be continued and/or completed. Responses to emergencies in the hospital without delay during on-call duty.
  10. Attends to scheduled or unscheduled meetings to discuss and resolve problems.
  11. Perform other duties necessary to effect efficient services in the department without hesitation

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